Weight gain supplement designed for the special health needs of senior horses and provides essential calories needed for weight gain and overall body condition, plus omega-3s, probiotics and essential vitamins. Addresses health concerns in older horses such as: high fat and calorie levels for weight gain and body condition; omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed for healthy skin and coat; probiotics to support proper digestion, essential vitamins and antioxidants for immune support, and biotin to support hoof growth. Plus it is easy to feed and senior horses love the taste!

Contains min 3% crude protein, min 80% crude fat, max 5% crude fiber, min 250 IU/lb vitamin E, max 250 mg/lb ascorbic acid, min 20 mg/lb biotin, min 5% omega-3 fatty acid, min 4.54x109 CFU/lb saccharomyces cerevisiae, and 9.14 x 106 CFU/lb lactobacillus acidophilus.

Directions: Top dress or mix into grain at rate of 2 to 10 oz per horse daily, depending on needs of horse. Introduce into diet gradually over a 2 week period to minimize chance of loose stools. If loose stools should occur, decrease amount being fed until horse adjusts to supplement. Provide fresh, clean water at all times. 1 oz scoop enclosed.

Resealable package.
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Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator

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