Flax seed supplement for laying chickens.
Premium omega-3 supplement for laying hens helps promote omega-3 enriched eggs, and supports strong shells and brilliant plumage. Also preserves egg flavor, aroma and nutritional value. May improve laying rates, flock health and spent hen value.

Over 4 weeks use, a standard 50 gm egg will yield 300-350 mg omega-3, of which 75-120 mg is DHA.
Readily accepted by hens and easy-to-serve. 

Contains a base of Enreco® premium, human-grade, 99.9% pure, stabilized, ground, fortified flax with guaranteed min 21.5% omega-3, min 5.3% omega-6, min 9.0% omega-9 and min 60 IU/lb vitamin E, plus folic acid and vitamin B12. 

Directions: Add daily to feed or give as a free-choice supplement; 5 birds - 1/4 cup; 10 birds - 1/2 cup; 20 birds - 1 cup. 4.5 lbs = 1 month supply for 10 birds.
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Omega Ultra Egg Chicken Supplement

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